Information about

Collection of the animations starting in 1996, and I uploded the first homepage in 1997
In 1999 I get the registration on and, and I creating the existing design of the pages in 2002.
The oldest animation I have is email01.gif from September 13. 1996.

Free animations.
All animations on may be free for privates, but before commercial use, controle the comment in the animation.
To do this use a animator software like Microsoft Gif Animator 1.0

You may download everything you like from, but do not reference to animations on my homepage.

The group ETIK (ETHIC).
In this group you will find some cheeky animations. These animations is with for the general impression, it is not a message for the hompage.

Own animations
Under 100 of the animations you find on this pages is done by me. 2 from 1999 being here: